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I think this is the hardest part to write. I don't like talking about myself. I like talking, don't get me wrong. Friends tell me that I am also quite good at it. Well, I guess I am a human being who happens to be an actor. I am a story teller. And I am trying everyday to become better at it. The universe delivered me to Bucharest, Romania, yet life shipped me to London, UK. I have come here with the desire to hone my skills and be the best actor I can become. Whether I am on the right track or not, I will let you decide. What I know is that I am having fun in everything I do. I am led by curiosity. And I love connecting to other people, especially if that happens while having a cup of coffee. I hope my website will allow you to get to know me better; if not, I will never decline an invitation for a coffee and a chat.


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