• Gabriel Mansour

What kind of pain are you willing to sustain?

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

I am reading now 'The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck' by Mark Manson ( funny instead of Manson I was about to write Mansour) and it hit me. In one of the chapters is says about not asking yourself 'what do you enjoy doing the most' but 'what pain are you willing to sustain for a longer period of time'. As in everyone wants to be happy, and have a great family and career and have great sex and a lot of friends who idolize them etc, but are we willing to get also the struggles that this kind of life comes with. Because everything we decide to do comes with it's own burdens, obstacles and difficulties. Nothing is that easy, nor it should be. That is why there is a price to pay for everything we do. It is not because we have to prove that we want it, it is not because we are punished wanting something more, but because the greater the action we take the more pain we have to be willing to endure. It is a constant of the life we live on this planet. Everything is binary. When you take your medicine you have be aware that there are some side effects that may happen. Nevertheless, you still take it because of the better outcome it brings to your life. One of my acting teachers, Bernard Hiller, told me once 'Easy choices, Hard life. Hard Choices, Easy life'. Because we also have to see the other side of the coin. Yes, we have to endure the stretch we go through but on the other side of the journey we will find our better selves. So our own success, which has nothing to do with what others think of being successful, is in direct proportion with the pain we are willing to embrace.

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