• Gabriel Mansour

Launch at 85%

I was reading an article today written by Bonnie Gillespie about putting your work out there. Most of the times we are afraid of showing what we've got, or what we stand for for the fear of being judged. Other times we keep postponing sharing our story by not feeling ready enough. Let's face it, we will never be ready enough. Every single time we will find another excuse, another reason to procrastinate. It may be the way we are built. Nobody wants to be criticized so our body tries to protect us. Yet, Bonnie comes with the concept of starting when you feel 85% ready. Just put it out there. Some of the work will be rubbish, and subsequently will attract criticism. However, you will find that some of the content you put out there will resonate with someone, and the word starts spreading. The way you perceive yourself is most of the times different than the way others perceive you. So you never know what part of the things you create will have an impact on others. The most important thing is to create content. At least, this way, you will have a shot at being seen, being heard and moving a step forward towards where you want to be. We are storytellers at the end of the day, no matter what field you are coming from. But in order to be a good story teller, we have to keep telling stories. In any forms, in any way. That is how we hone our craft.

Even this blog, or website was postponed from being launched from the fear that is not good enough, that it doesn't have everything necessary to show my image, my brand in the best way possible. And I may be right. Maybe it doesn't. But it doesn't matter though. What I know for sure is that my previous version of my website was even worse. So as long as I can see an improvement, and trust me there is one, I am on the write track. And who gives a fuck. I do this because I want to, because I have something I want to say. If there are people listening out there GOOD. I am not a writer, yet nobody stops me from writing. And this way, in the future I will find my way and style of writing. Maybe this is my stepping stone towards something better, different. You never know until you try. Or no, don't try. You never know until you do it. Launch at 85%.

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